Cribbage Knot

Nudo siete y medioVideo made by stopmotion technique that allows us to learn how to make the knot Cribbage also called Roman knot.

Prusik knot

Nudo PrusikThis knot was discovered by Dr. Karl Prusik in 1931. The Prusik knot is used by climbers and climbers to hold the rope slings to slide freely so that when the knot is loose, but stands firm with any lateral load.

It is used as a safety device in the declines in "rappel" (down a vertical wall using a double rope attached to a high point). The "prusik" ​​is useful for anyone who wants to scale heights complicated-for example, studying botanical trees, or climbers and cavers.

In the bight knot

Nudo por senoThe knot in the bight is a knot used to shorten, very similar to the simple knot and a simple implementation, it is very easy to learn. It is quick to make a knot, so that sometimes can be very convenient. If we have capes, which are to be broken, we can make this knot, leaving the loop, the portion of the rope that is damaged. 

Papillon knot

Nudo papillon o mariposaThis knot is used by mountaineers and climbers. Thanks to its simentria, this node is kept perfectly in any position so that it can be applied as a tensioner. It is done quickly and easily melts, does not slip and Gaza does not bite when the noose tightens.

Its main disadvantage is that it is difficult to make and use the "back Italian" has caused the "butterfly knot" has lost some of its popularity.

Eight knot Wagner

Nudo ocho WagnerThis knot is a variation of the double eight at the end where we introduce out within the knot. This knot is more secure and easier to undo than the last.

Random knots

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