Eight knot with whip

Nudo ocho por chicoteThe whip eight knot, also known as "junction knot or Flemish" is executed by performing a figure eight knot in the end of the rope, and after the other following the path of the first whip. Despite its simplicity, is one of the strongest unions, whether working out with a thick or thin rope.

Double eight knot with bowline

Nudo ocho doble senoThe double eight knot with bowline is a very sturdy, practical knot. If tapes are not available, we can create a triangle of forces with the rope. This utility is widely used in caving and canyoning. Used to fix ropes and riding sessions.

Marguerite knot

Nudo MargaritaMarguerite knots are used to reduce the length of a very long rope without cutting. Another use we give to this knot is worn as reinforcement for strings, always placing the stretch spent inside the knot. Although there is a multitude of margarita knots we will focus on the basics.

Klemheist Knot

Nudo KlemheistThe Klemheist knot is a variation Prusik original knot. This knot is constructed by joining the two ends of a rope with a double knot triple fisherman or fisherman.

This knot is very useful when we know that the burden is to be borne in a single direction. The Bachmann knot Autoblock or have the same utility but both require a snap closure.

AutoStop Descender Petzl Knot

Nudo Descendedor AutoStop PetzlThis is one of the most popular descent devices worldwide. It offers exceptional control and versatility. Its auto-brake function allows high maneuverability on the rope, making it ideal for caving. It also allows easily stop and maintain your position in the string.

This mechanism enables it to be quickly installed and removed from the line without disconnecting the harness, preventing its fall.

Random knots

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