Double eight knot

Nudo de ocho dobleThe double eight knot is used to tie a rope harness, and also to tie a rope to a tree or post. Used to practice descents rope rappel type.

Nine knot

Nudo de nueveThe nine-knot is a good knot of eight. Can be used as knot and insurance. It has superior strength and is easier to undo after being strained. The downside is that it has more volume, and may bother a little.

Leakage knot

Nudo de fuga

The leakage knot or Munter hitch lock is used to maneuvers sags or any situation that requires a temporary blockage of a friction hitch.

Tape knot

Nudo de cintaThe tape knot is used to attach or assemble two tapes with the advantage of getting a little bulky knot and tightly bound. Although tape knot is called, can also be used with two strings to achieve the same goal.

Double clove hitch knot

Nudo ballestrinque dobleThe Double clove hitch knot is a modified clove hitch knot which is characterized by a significant improvement in safety. The double clove hitch is a knot facily to perform and flakes easily making it an excellent knot in many different situations. This knot is used routinely in practice windsurfing with the intention of joining the mast with the boom.

Random knots

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