Clove hitch knot

Nudo ballestrinqueThe clove hitch knot is one of the best around and perhaps the best known. Its main use is to secure a rope to a pole, a bar or other place that is not part of the knot.

Also called "boatman's knot", is useful for sailors who need to tie a dinghy port with one hand while holding the rod with the other.

Bachmann knot

Nudo BachmannBachmann knot was invented by Franz Bachmann. A knot is dynamic, ie it takes around a larger diameter rope. The Bachmann knot requires the use of a carabiner. No matter if the carabiner is locked or not.

The important thing is that the hook section is round. Although usually used a rope, we can do with a flat ribbon tubular and with a minimum of 4 wraps around the body of the carabiner.

Autoblock knot

Nudo AutoblockThe Autoblock knot , friction is easy to get used as a security measure when we are doing rappelling. It is developed by a thin rope around our climbing rope. This knot has two missions: the load lock and unlike other knots, also released under the load.

Bowline knot

Nudo as de guíaThe bowline knot is one of the best known and most widely used, and it may have more applications in mountaineering, but is primarily a rescue knot. Form a fixed loop at the end of a rope to hold out or any other object. At sea, used to move rigging, hoisting and rescue work.

Eight double rope descender

Descensor Ocho doble cuerdaThe use of the double cord can recover allows pulling rope one end to reinstall it and when we continue the descent rope is low. Although it is a very simple technique, is dangerous because during its execution depend only on an anchor and rope, so it is necessary to do it with caution.

The lowest hand holding the two ropes is what allows slip; easily controlled because the friction of the rope is absorbing most of the weight.

Random knots

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