Autoblock knot

Nudo AutoblockThe Autoblock knot , friction is easy to get used as a security measure when we are doing rappelling. It is developed by a thin rope around our climbing rope. This knot has two missions: the load lock and unlike other knots, also released under the load.

Autoblock knot is a essential climbing up knot, so all climbers debeb and learn how it works. In Europe this knot is also called French Prusik. Our abseiling activity is one of the most dangerous forms of climbing as we are constantly trusting our team, our anchors and our intelligence.

It is important to take all possible security measures to minimize any accident. Use a rope about 6 or 7 mm. for Autoblock knot. Remember when thinner the string, have more bite but in return, the rope will wear faster. Make sure the rope forming the knot Autoblock not too long as it could jam in the device and cause us problems in the fall.

Make sure you always use the knot Autoblock because besides being a knot that took more than 30 seconds to do so we can save life on more than one occasion.


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