Bowline knot

Nudo as de guíaThe bowline knot is one of the best known and most widely used, and it may have more applications in mountaineering, but is primarily a rescue knot. Form a fixed loop at the end of a rope to hold out or any other object. At sea, used to move rigging, hoisting and rescue work.

The main advantages of "bowline" are:

1. No slips.
2. No sag or bites out.
3. It is easy to perform, strong and stable.
4. Melts quickly and easily.

The biggest disadvantage is its tendency to sag when made very rigid ends. Can serve as a slip knot, which is open disappears as soon as the line voltage. The "bowline" counterclockwise is less secure than himself "bowline" and should be avoided.

Another way of doing this may be as described in connection bowline by

Preparation: It runs in a loop in the standing part of the passing the tag end through the sinus thus formed, surrounding the firm and passing the tag end back through the breast. For a safer finish can perform a half knot or knot cap to prevent slipping.


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