Eight as safer knot

Ocho como aseguradorThe eight knot is used as an insurer by the eight to stop after a crash rope climber who assured. Attached to the harness is used with a locking carabiner and is based on the friction that occurs on the rope with eight.

The rope runs from the insurer to the scaler, to be braked, passes through the small orifice of eight to increase friction and is clamped to the output thereof by the hand of the insurer. The rope that the climber is not, is in our hands and we will be collecting or releasing.

It is very important not to drop the rope and NEVER recommend using a gloved hand to avoid burns from the friction of the rope. As with other systems to provide security to the climber, we should stop paying attention to it, as an unexpected fall can cause a strong pull on us that we do out of balance or even hit with a tree or rock.

This can also bring damage to the climber, who is relying on us. One way to avoid being thrown against the wall is self-assure ourselves to a fixed point behind us (as it might be a tree). But we will not always be able to do this, so we must be very careful to avoid beating when dropped from our partner.



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