Eight double rope descender

Descensor Ocho doble cuerdaThe use of the double cord can recover allows pulling rope one end to reinstall it and when we continue the descent rope is low. Although it is a very simple technique, is dangerous because during its execution depend only on an anchor and rope, so it is necessary to do it with caution.

The lowest hand holding the two ropes is what allows slip; easily controlled because the friction of the rope is absorbing most of the weight.

The decline should be continuously but slowly. Avoid jerking as they impact on the anchor. The upper hand barely avoids a pendulum movement sideways. The bottom hand, which takes two strings and is attached to the thigh, is what controls the descent. We can use a brake to facilitate the descent safer.

When you get to the final or intermediate platform, and once safe, pulled one end of the rope gently until you feel that is coming to anchor, at which point there is a strong pull to fall.


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