In the bight knot

Nudo por senoThe knot in the bight is a knot used to shorten, very similar to the simple knot and a simple implementation, it is very easy to learn. It is quick to make a knot, so that sometimes can be very convenient. If we have capes, which are to be broken, we can make this knot, leaving the loop, the portion of the rope that is damaged. 


It can also be used if we want to shorten the string. If the knot is well azocado, is pretty safe, but if used for a long time and with great force, it may be difficult to undo. To elaborate bends the rope forming a match within the breaking point (or shortening area). It makes a loop and gets out the damaged part of its interior, very similar to the embodiment of a simple knot. It azoca rope and knot, leaving the damaged in Gaza has formed. In this way the damaged part is not exposed to stress.


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