Reef knot

Nudo de rizoThe "reef knot" or "square knot", was known at the end of the Stone Age and the ancient Greeks and Romans. Its name comes from using a rating given basically to connect two ends of a rope when reefed sail. and prevent it from becoming airborne. Today is possibly the best known knot population.

This knot is mainly used to join two ropes, provided they are subject to a constant voltage, otherwise the knot can be loosened easily. To solve this drawback is useful to combine this stopper knot knotted to prevent a cord from sliding over the other.

This knot is not too strong a union so it is recommended that the two strings have the same diameter. This knotting is used for many purposes: for example to tie a bandage (because of their low volume makes it a very comfortable knot) or for tying the shoelaces.


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