Sheet bend knot

Nudo Vuelta de EscotaThe sheet bend knot is one of the most used joints in all fields and can be done with very variable diameter ropes. Its main shortcoming is that it is not too tough so in situations debermos great efforts to find an alternative. It is quick to make a knot and dispose so easily becomes a knot of learning required.

This knot was used in Egyptian times as evidenced by the many memories you have left us, although it was not called sheet bend until 1794. Its name comes from the use to which it was on sailboats to ensure the strings so it is also known as a hub of flag.

Preparation: In the heart of one of the lines forms a loop to loop mode. Pass the other end of the whip inside the loop, he turns and goes below the whip to make it firm bitten by him. This knot can also be improved by posing two laps of the loop instead of one, just before biting the whip. This modification is called "double sheet bend". Thus we can increase the security of the knot when subjected to forces over long periods of time.


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