Solidary two points knot

Nudo Solidario a Dos PuntosThe Solidario to Two Points knot is ideal for use when we have two anchors that do not have much separation between them. Since the force is distributed "solidarity" between the two anchors is desirable to have a similar resistance.

If there is a change in the load direction, the knot is automatically adjusted. This knot can be performed together with a rope or a Double Fisherman Eight whip. Tape can also be used together with a ribbon knot.

Its main advantage is that it allows two single point anchors equally distributing the force on them.

The disadvantage is that if it fails one of the points is a shot on the other anchor point, which can hinder braking fallen by the insurer or even cause a clash between metal parts, leading to breakage or damage thereof. We recommend using this system with smaller rings at 2 meters in diameter.


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