Trefoil knot

Nudo TrebolThe trefoil knot, also known as cross knot is used to attach a rope to a pole, allowing afermar winds from the three loops that are available.

To make this knot should start with a simple knot that intersects with the whip and made ​​himself another overhand knot. Based on the two dimensions cross through their breasts, is introduced through the center mast and tightened ties trying to obtain very similar in size.

Weaver knot

Nudo TejedorThe weaver knot is a knot very efficient when it wants to join two chords of different sections. Its main advantage is that it is a knot as you endure more loading force, the knot becomes safer. It is very easy to make and inexpensive to undo. His name comes from the use that gave the sailors to weave fishing nets.

Regular knot

Nudo OrdinarioThe regular knot is a knot that is not used much but can be very useful because of its ease of implementation. This knot can join two ropes and not easily undone much to tighten the strings, making him the ideal partner in boats.

Its preparation makes an overhand knot with one of the ends. Once you take the other end, and already it begins to follow up after you already have performed the overhand knot. Then the knots are tightened. If used to hold a lot of tension is convenient to make a security cotes.

Hunter knot

Nudo HunterThe Hunter knot is a very safe, stable and much stronger knot than the union of the fisherman or the square knot. Not as strong as blood knot but has the advantage of being easier to perform. It is a general knot with excellent qualities.

Franciscan knot

Nudo Franciscano The Franciscan knot has the primary function of being a stopper knot. Its name comes from how they use the Franciscans as weight for their seat. Another utility that has served for ballasting guidelines, Corporal attaches to the rope line, a lighter out is launched through the hatch before the subject left out thicker.

Random knots

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