Hangman's Knot

Nudo AhorcadoHangman's Knot is known worldwide for the use which has given over time and unfortunately is still used today. A noose is performed by making a closed loop and in situations where the subject or animal to be hung on the neck to produce its own weight by the rupture of the neck.

The number of rounds to be held varies depending on the use you're going to give, the type and thickness of the rope. It also influences the conditions in which the cord itself is such as if it is wet or greasy. Six to eight laps will use it in normal and if the rope is worn or in poor condition can increase the number of laps without exceeding thirteen.

Double fisherman's knot

Nudo de pescador doble The double fisherman's knot is really strong and is commonly used by fishermen to ensure their cords. I also used the climbers and campers as winds of their stores or to add length to the ropes for tying or hanging objects. Is a bulky knot, so it is advisable to use relatively thin rope.

Fisherman's knot

Nudo de pescador It has been said that this knot was invented in the nineteenth century, but some experts say that it was known to the ancient Greeks. He was generally known as "fisherman's knot", but through the years has received different names (such as knot English, English bond, halibut knot, knot knot lovers and Waterman).

This knot is named for its frequent use to join or extend their lines of fishing gear. Is used to attach lines of equal section, and is not recommended for joining ends of medium or large diameter. The knot does not maintain the line resistance when subjected to heavy stress.

Chip knot

Nudo de LascaThe slice knot also called "knot of eight" or "double bite" is used as a stopper knot. It is a very practical knot winds to keep tents and awnings.

Boza's knot with bowline

Nudo de Boza con senoThis knot is known as boza with bowline node and the node is a variant of the original painter.

Random knots

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