Boza's knot

Nudo de BozaBoza's Knot is a knot that can tie a rope to a small diameter larger section. It is a very useful knot as it is resistant to rid itself. Besides using a slight modification we obtain succor ideal gauze or tying a package.

Square knot

Nudo cuadradoThe square knot has the particularity of allowing joining two cords at an angle of 90 degrees between them. Besides this knot is locked so that both strings are fixed. A knot is widely used in decorative techniques such as macramé art, creating bracelets, woven ...

A variant of the square knot is the Japanese knot is performed similarly but only use a rope and is of particular interest in decorating.

Clinch knot

Nudo Clinch This knot is used by fishermen to hold a ring, lure or hook yet, a knot is quite versatile. It's easy and quick to perform and if done correctly offer much resistance. It is recommended for use with small diameter ropes.

This knot has also been called as "half blood knot" because at the time it was used as a tool of punishment in the sailors.

Caulk knot

Nudo CalafateThe caulk knot is very similar to double bowline or breast as it also offers two loops but here are sliding. This knot is known as balsa for whip.

Multiple plain

Llano multipleThe multiple plain is a stopper knot or for ballasting the end of a rope. Formerly this was used as an end node in the whips so also known as blood knot. The key is to perform it correctly turns close together and pull the two ends together.

Random knots

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