Fisherman's loop

Gaza de pescadorFisherman's loop is often used by fishermen. Campers also found therein a variety of uses, both for hanging object to ensure the ropes pegs or sticks.

It is also known under the name "Perfect loop", and its main advantages are the ease of implementation, and it does not slide estable.Su strong main disadvantage is that it is bulky, making it more suitable for use with lines fishing or thin synthetic strings.

Fold out

Doblar caboThis knot tying a rope allows for easy transport and avoid being open. It is recommended that the rope is not too thick. In addition we can also use it with caution to transport electrical extension cords in camping activities.

Draw loop

Cote escurridizo This knot is also called "knot trailer", as is often used for this purpose. If done properly is a very strong knot, but dangerous if done incorrectly and that could undo accidentally. We consider a simple knot for a temporary mooring because the features discussed.

This knot has the distinction of being able to release easily when no voltage is simply pulling the whip. But when under the gravitational force of a weight, there is a knot that causes depreseión the strong tension until the weight is released.

Double warp knot

Calabrote dobleThe double warp knot is a knot used for joining two cords of different thickness or material but preferably are twins. It is a very safe knot does not slide easily. It is perfect for use with large diameter ropes. Despite its consistency is easy to undo all conditions.

Bowline in the bight

As de guia por senoThe double bowline or breast is a knot used primarily for maritime rescue. It is very safe and provides two loops of the same diameter, and which are not rolled can be used independently.

Random knots

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