Bowline sliding

nudo as de guia corredizo. Nudos marinerosThe sliding bowline is one of the few nooses used by sailors. Its main use is to recover items that have fallen overboard or aparejo.Cuando maneuvers wind blows hard, often used to narrow the square sail and cock it. Other uses sliding bowline have been associated with hunting, for the construction of traps and snares, and to hang some weight objects, they believe the strength to close the knot.


Is secure and robust knot, and has the advantage of not being tight or the rope or the rope, so it slides easily and can be easily undone. The sliding bowline also known as dog knot hangs or cote de midshipman.

To do loop is formed near one end of the rope, and a loop made ​​with the same. The whip, which is above is inserted through the back. In the same direction, pass the working end of the loop below the eye and inserted again in the back. They tighten by pulling the whip back and tie on the left side, then checked that slides easily.


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