Draw loop

Cote escurridizo This knot is also called "knot trailer", as is often used for this purpose. If done properly is a very strong knot, but dangerous if done incorrectly and that could undo accidentally. We consider a simple knot for a temporary mooring because the features discussed.

This knot has the distinction of being able to release easily when no voltage is simply pulling the whip. But when under the gravitational force of a weight, there is a knot that causes depreseión the strong tension until the weight is released.

The "draw-loop" should be well tightened and remain energized. If the tension disappears, you can easily get rid of some moves out. This loop is used in many situations when we need a quick and temporary mooring. It is used for mooring boats, immobilización of horses and other animals that could become detached in panic attacks. It can also be used to make a rope ladder. In this case you should be very careful to make the knot in the right direction. 


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