Fisherman's knot

Nudo de pescador It has been said that this knot was invented in the nineteenth century, but some experts say that it was known to the ancient Greeks. He was generally known as "fisherman's knot", but through the years has received different names (such as knot English, English bond, halibut knot, knot knot lovers and Waterman).

This knot is named for its frequent use to join or extend their lines of fishing gear. Is used to attach lines of equal section, and is not recommended for joining ends of medium or large diameter. The knot does not maintain the line resistance when subjected to heavy stress.

Used to join two ropes that are very slippery manufacture or to join two ropes that they will get the water, the rope is wet or thick strands interlacing or too difficult if both strings have to slide over one another . It's easy to do and undo, even when the vocal cords are mojadas.Si will be maintained under water, it is advisable to double the turns or at each end, to better secure the knot.

NOTE: The fisherman's knot and around fisherman are completely different, so it should not be confused with each other.



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