Alondra Loop Knot

Nudo Presilla de AlondraThe Lark knot clip is useful for attaching a rope to a tree temporarily, as long as they get a lot of pressure on him.

It can also be used to tie the rope to a hook or a ring. It's really a simple knot with a trunk or hook through.

Scraper Plane Knot

Nudo plano de TraillaThe knot Scraper plane is used as an ornamental knot. This attractive knot, which runs from two half hitches, allows to separate the two strands of a leash.

In order to get your property and symmetrical form, must tighten the knot carefully. It is common to confuse the initial realization of this knot with eight simple, but if you look closely you can see the difference between them.

Matthew Walker knot with two strands

Nudo Matthew Walker de dos cordonesThis knot is one of the variations that exist Matthew Walker knot. It is a simple and effective knot leash, that may be extended easily by increasing the number of turns.

Although it is said that Matthew Walker was a teacher of English at the docks rigging mid eighteenth century, history has not been verified. One of the few certainties we have about him is that he is one of the few people who still remembered in the art of knots.

Japanese Knot

Nudo japonésThe Japanese knot is a square knot variant although in this case only use a rope and can be used as decorative knot. Can be used on the end of a rope, being usually a practical and effective final as a curtain puller or blind.

The Japanese knot consists of a 4-part crown in the center and two ties resizable.

Miller Knot

Nudo molineroThe miller's knot is used to tie bags securely and quickly. Is given two laps to the rope around the bundle crossing them as shown in the picture.

Random knots

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