Chain knot

Nudo cadenetaThe chain stitch knot is a sequence of nooses to be braiding each other to take the form of a string. This type of knot do take elastic characteristics.

A knot often used in environments such as decorative macramé.

Middle loop knot

Medio nudo con gazaThe medium loop knot with a knot extremely useful when you need a stopper knot in greater volume. Besides this knot is resistant to easily dispose making it very useful in cases in which no need to undo the end of a rope.


Nudo corredizoThe noose is considered a reef knot, despite being used at sea, on rare occasions. However, this knot is used more often among hunters in order to make traps for hunting small animals and birds.

In addition we can also use it to make a package or how binding of cables under tension.

Random knots

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