Simple Knot

Nudo simpleThe overhand knot is used in countless situations in everyday life. This knot is used as the basis for multiple knots to secure or finish other, sometimes using several repetitions of the node to increase its security. It is also usually seen as stopper knot to prevent the rope, elastic string, etc., leaving a narrow buttonhole.

It is the simplest knot of all, and it takes its name, although it is also known as half knot, mesh, knot cote, among others. Using this node in a row, in sports climbing or mountaineering is high risk, so do not put them in those sections. However it can be used to shoot or use other secure knots in extreme sports.

If the strings are of small diameter, it is very difficult to untie. If the rope has a medium diameter, may trigger the movements thereof.

Generally for every need there is a knot more secure and specialized, it is not this, although most people in everyday life this knot used consecutively for all needs.


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